Thinky Thought-Walsh & what he said on the rooftop in NY

W/the idea of Emma & Killian having a TLK to break the curse/protection spell in mind here. Now, Walsh is the Wizard of Oz & a flying monkey who got his orders from Zelena. It would also stand to reason that he would know about Zelena’s plan since he would be part of executing it. The Wizard was against Zelena & made into a flying monkey to neutralize him. What if he was trying to keep the curse/protection spell from being broken as best as he could by trying to keep Emma from remembering? He did say he wished she hadn’t drank that potion & that he sort of liked her. He did know about Killian & who he was. What if he knew that that was part of Zelena’s plan to get Emma & Killian to TLK & the Wizard was trying to defeat Zelena? A rebellion in as much of a way as he could being cursed & one of her flying monkeys? Just some food for thought.


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Captain Swan + Sharing their favorite beverages

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OK…Just my two cents out here about the TLK

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Hell, even BETTER, IMO, would be Emma doing the selfless Emma thing, giving up her magic to save everyone’s lives, only to find out, SURPRISE TRUE LOVE’S KISS, MOTHERFUCKERS

and having to deal with what THAT means

I mean.  There is no bad way for the TLK to happen, IMO.  All ways are golden.  Whether it’s because she KNOWS or it’s this sudden magical discovery AFTER the fact … all roads lead to True Love with Killian, and that’s what I’m here for

A TLK is a TLK, no matter what form it takes, and it’s ALWAYS about the two people sharing it.